Find the luxury hotel for sale Patong beach at a reduced price of 125 million Baht

Do you desire to stay in a luxurious hotel close to the oceanfront in Phuket at affordable prices? Find the dirt-cheap rate of only 125 million Thai Baht for our luxury hotel for sale Patong beach only from SUWA International Co., Ltd. You can stay enthralled with the panoramic view of the ocean and beach, alongside the mountains, and also the city of Patong Beach. With distinct options of single to two, to three boudoirs with a peaceful environment, the clients can reduce their anxieties in the refreshing spa and stimulating bar. Visit us:


Country: Thailand

State: Phuket

City: Phuket

Address: 32 soiPrabarami Sam, Patong Beach

Postal Code: not available

Coordinates: 7.8965763,98.3021044

SUWA International