pvcaadhar.com is an online portal offering Plastic Smart Aadhar printing service at doorstep to every Indian Citizen who has enrolled for Aadhaar By UIDAI by paying nominal charges. These Cards are portable in nature and Easy to Carry just like an ATM. Plastic Aadhar Are Waterproof HD Printed & easily gets fits in Wallet too. Nowadays, these Card are in use as a replacement for paper printed Aadhar. Smart Aadhar Card functioning is similar to Paper Printed e-Aadhar document. All forms of Aadhar (eAadhhar, mAadhaar, Aadhaar letter, PVC Aadhar) are equally valid. The resident has the choice to use any of these forms of Aadhar. The residents can choose to have one or more forms of Aadhaar. The residents may also choose to use any form of Aadhar as per their convenience. All forms of Aadhar are equally valid as a proof of identity without giving any preference to one form of Aadhar over the others.


Country: India

State: Haryana

City: Fatehabad

Address: FATEHABAD. HARYANA, 125050

Postal Code: not available

Coordinates: 29.5131814,75.4509532