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Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage

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Location 10750 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133, USA, Seattle, Washington, United States


It doesn't matter whether you are moving as a single person or with a family of five, whether you are moving down the block or to a neighboring city - moving is always bound to be a complicated endeavor. In case you find your impending move to be difficult, all you have to do is get in touch with Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage. Our HB move management department will be more than happy to help you tackle even the smallest aspects of your relocation. From holding decluttering seminars to helping you arrange your furniture in the new location, we will be there to provide our useful assistance. What you should know about Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage is that we are much more than just a local moving company with 130 years of experience - we have also become one of the best freight companies Seattle has to offer. We have the resources, equipment, and affiliates that will make your worldwide relocation a quick and stress-free endeavor. But most importantly, we will ensure that your items are relocated in a safe and damage-free manner. Give Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage a call the next time you find yourself on the cusp of relocation. Our assistance will make a world of difference during your next move.

Website: https://www.hansenbros.com/

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