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Bengali sarees are world-acclaimed. Especially the Baluchari assortment has earned the renowned status of being the "Geological Indication of India'. Woven by customary techniques on looms, Bengali sarees are known for perplexing string work and thoughtfulness regarding subtleties. They arrive in an assortment of hues, yet white is the most favored tone. As they are woven with cotton, these sarees are light-weight and semi-straightforward. They are likewise used to delineate scenes from the Indian folklore, which are capably woven into the saree.

The expression "tant" alludes to the handlooms in Bengal that are utilized to weave cotton sarees alongside dhotis and different articles of clothing. The soonest record of handloom saree weaving in Bengal can be followed back to the fifteenth century in Shantipur (in the Nadia locale of West Bengal). The workmanship kept on prospering during the Mughal rule (sixteenth – eighteenth hundreds of years), when it got broad imperial support alongside muslin and jamdani weaving. While the fine muslins enhanced the imperial class, cotton sarees or tants were utilized for hanging by the normal people. This weaving convention kept during the British principle and the decades before autonomy saw an inflow of present day weaving methods in Shantipur, for example, enhancements in the handloom and presentation of the jacquard loom that is as yet utilized today.

After the segment of Bengal in 1947, numerous Hindu weavers from Bangladesh relocated to India and were restored in West Bengal. Fulia (or Phulia), a town neighboring Shantipur, turned into another home for these weavers from Tangail (of Bangladesh), who carried with them the weaving conventions of their tribal land. Other relocating weavers were settled in the Hooghly and Burdwan locale of West Bengal. Throughout the years, every one of these locales built up their own style of weaving and today, they are the homes of the most notable assortments of tant sarees.

Tant sarees can be grouped dependent on the district where they are woven, or the themes portrayed on the sarees. The significant districts of tant creation in West Bengal today are:

1. Fulia and Shantipur (in Nadia): Combining the weaving styles of the first Shantipur weavers and the transient weavers from Tangail who settled in Fulia, this locale has built up the "Fulia Tangail" style of weaving and creates among the best quality tant sarees today. These tants are delicate and fine in surface, come in dynamic hues and have huge, complicatedly woven themes.

2. Dhaniakhali (or Dhonekhali in Hooghly): Tant sarees from this district are of acceptable quality, for the most part come in pastel shades and have striped examples and less themes.

3. Begampur (in Hooghly): Begampur has some expertise in inexactly woven, light-weight and translucent sarees in profound, splendid hues.

4. Kalna (in Burdwan): Tants from this district depend on the Tangail style of weaving.

5. Atpur (in Hooghly): This town was known for creating coarser sarees and dhotis for ordinary wear. The expression "Atpoure" which signifies "regular wear" means the Bengali style of wearing sarees which used to be the conventional method of hanging for ladies of this district.

Bengali Sarees are ageless delights. They are reasonable for all ages and there is no particular limitation on who can wear them. These sarees represent the rich custom of Indian handlooms and are currently advocated by the more youthful age. Any lady who has a stylish sense and an eye for wonderful sarees can wear and parade these dazzling curtains. Particularly for events like Durga pooja, no Bengali ladies can oppose herself from a splendid Bengali saree to feel nearer to the heavenliness!

Tant assortment is another Bengali saree name, which comes in cotton material. Shantipuri cotton sarees are known for effortlessness and polish. The specific pieces mirror the genuine soul of each assortment with the calming shading mix. The sarees accompany a fine weave which makes it very delicate and agreeable even in incredibly hot atmospheres.

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